Dragon CRS-13 trunk payloads installation

This is the second part of the Dragon CRS-13 mission to the ISS. This post describes the trunk payloads and its installation on the station.

Payloads inside Dragon’s trunk

On Dec 29, 2017 the SSRMS and Dextre transferred the Total and Spectral Irradiance Sensor (TSIS) to Dextre’s EOTP.

On Dec 30, 2017 Dextre installed the TSIS on ELC3 Site 5

The new TSIS payload on ELC-3 site 5

On Jan 1, 2018 the SDS was transferred from the trunk to the Columbus External Payload Facility 2 (EPF2)

SDS installed on EPF2

Later, the ISS-RapidScat was removed from Columbus EPF3 location and was placed separately in 2 of the FRAMs inside the trunk on Jan 2, 2018. The RapidScat payload will be disposed during Dragon’s reentry.

Both parts of RapidScat inside the trunk

Dragon was unberthed on Jan 13, 2018 and splashdown on same day.

Download files: Falcon 9 Dragon CRS-13 trunk payloads

Source: Spaceflight101.com


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