AXM ISS model

The ISS paper model in 1:100 scale is available at my site here:


This model is also available at my Store.

12 responses to “AXM ISS model

  1. Hallo mr. Moreno,

    Looking for a Falcon 9 scale model I came upon your site.
    The first paper model I built since I was a kid was said Falcon.
    Of course I couldn’t resist buying your ISS combo kit, and I am very happy with it.
    Details are good but not too small to make. The first part I am building is the S0 truss, together with Unity, it is almost finished after some ten evenings of cutting and gluing. I love it you make all visiting vehicles avalable, all in 1:100 scale.
    The one thing I am missing is a Shuttle in 1:100
    Do you have one available? Or is it easy to scale up one of your 1:144 models?
    Or maybe I am missing it somewhere?

    Greetings from Joure in the Netherlands
    Gerrit Volgers

    • Hi Gerrit. No, you are not missing anything. At this time, there is no Shuttle in 1:100 available. I plan doing one in the near future, but you can rescale the 1:144 version if you wish.

    • There is a Shuttle model known as the Fortezza Orbiter dated Oct 2000. I was able to find it with some poking around on the internet. It states that it is shareware, so, I presume I could package and share it if you are interested.

      • I’m aware of Fortezza’s Shuttle. The site is no longer available but I was able to download it long time ago. Thanks anyway. I will release my own version scaled to 1:100 this year.

  2. Since building the ISS station will take me at the very least several months, I can wait. Which one are you planning to do first? I would say: Take the last Shuttle flight.
    The ISS has changed not much since then, so it will be easy to convert it back to those days. Or are you going to make it a batch job?
    Greetings Gerrit

    • The first Shuttles in 1:100 to be released will be featuring the NASA meat logo, these will be Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour only. Eventually I will release the parts to build the Shuttle from the early days of the program.

  3. Hello AXM, i’m french and 15 yo, passionate with space and on space paper modelism… I’ve already done some projects thanks to you inspiring me like leo’s soyouz FG and I think the ISS is the next step for me so now I’m ready and currently looking for good plans . I, of course, looked at yours and they are really really good as always but I have problem with money so just wanted to know if you’d know some others free.
    Again I admire your work ;)

  4. I’m currently building the P6 Truss and even with 90lbs cardstock, I’m having a hard time supporting the SAW weight on the small parts. Any recommendations?

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