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  1. I just saw your Falcon 9 Heavy and had to have it. Now to find the time to build it. I’m looking forward to any building instructions for the car that fly’s threw space towards the asteroid belt. I hope she doesn’t hit anything. Thank you very much for another fantasia model. John/wad cutter

    • Dear John. I have put simple assembly photos on my twitter account as a guide on how to build the car and parts of the Falcon Heavy. There will be an official manual to be released in a few days. Follow me on twitter at

  2. First of all to say what a fantastic reference site AXM is. I’ve bought a number of ‘shuttle payloads’ and constructed many parts of the ISS I’m building (144th scale) however despite having the manual for “Unity & PMAs 1 &2” I can’t find or have lost the actual paper model while that it refers to. Can you tell me where I can locate this PDF file on the web?

  3. These are brilliant and I look forward to building some of these to go with my 1/96 Saturn V. Are you planning any Blue Origin New Shepherd or New Glenn? How about SpaceX BFR(concepts)?

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