Soyuz MS-07 docks with ISS

A new Soyuz spacecraft carrying a crew of three docked with the International Space Station on Dec 19, 2017 after a two day rendezvous.
Crew members are Soyuz Commander Anton Shkaplerov, NASA’s flight engineer Scott Tingle and Japanese astronaut Norishige Kanai.

As usual, for this presentation I used my ISS paper model and Soyuz MS-07 paper model, all in 1:100 scale.

The new crew blasted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome early Sunday Dec 17, 2017 three days after Soyuz MS-05 returned to Earth.

Soyuz MS-07 approaching the ISS

Soyuz MS-07 docked with Rassvet russian module.

A front view of the ISS showing Dragon CRS-13 capsule and on the background the new Soyuz MS-07

ISS configuration post arrival of Soyuz MS-07 spacecraft.

The station’s crew is back to six crew members. This is the start of Expedition 54.



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