After the success of US EVA-44, a second EVA took place on Oct 10, 2017. US EVA-45 was dedicated to lubricating the hardware and replacing an exterior camera outside the station.
As usual, my ISS 1:100 scale paper model and paper astronauts were used for this demonstration. Each real EVA is a challenge and demonstrating it on a paper model is no exception.

US Crewmembers: Randy Bresnik (EV1 – red stripes) and Mark Vande Hei (EV2 – no stripes)

High Pressure Nitrogen Tank latch reconfiguration

After exiting the Quest Airlock, EV1 performed its first task to reconfigure a latch on a High Pressure Nitrogen Tank outside the Airlock.

Once the latch was reconfigured, EV1 positioned a foot restraint on the side of the Destiny Lab module for PFCS rotation on ESP-1.

ESP-1 became the first external stowage platform delivered to ISS.

Meanwhile, EV2 headed to his P1 truss worksite.

EV2 getting ready to retrieve a foot restraint to be positioned on Canadarm2.

PFCS rotation

EV1 next to ESP-1.

EV2 has joined to assist in the PFCS rotation. The PFCS (Pump Flow Control Subassembly) spare will be rotated 90 degrees for a future ammonia vent.

PFCS 90 degree rotation complete.

This EVA task is the only real change on the ISS paper model. The following photos explain how it was done.

The ESP-1 has to be removed completely from Destiny leaving behind the little connector on the side.

Rotate the PFCS 90 degrees.

On the back, a very small connector ring was added. This will attach to the small rod on the side of Destiny.

Attaching the reconfigured ESP-1 back to Destiny Lab.


Canadarm2 is in position on the MBS and will be translated towards P1 where EV2 is waiting.

EV2 has positioned a foot restraint on Canadarm2.

ETVCG CP-9 replacement

EV2 approaching Camera Port 9 on P1 truss.

ISS Camera location

EV1 will translate to P1 to assist EV2 for this task

Camera replaced

MBS camera lens replacement

EV1 is now on the Mobile Transporter replacing a camera lens

EV1 is working near the POA-LEE to remove a socket

LEE-A lubrication

EV2 is lubricating the LEE-A on Canadarm2

Another view

EV1 moved his foot restraint back to ESP-2

Removing hand rails on Node 3

EV1 then headed to Node 3 in order to remove hand rails for a future installation of Enhanced Wireless Antennas.

MLI removal on ELC-1

A get ahead consisted on removing an MLI (Multilayer insulation blanket) on a spare Battery Charge/Discharge Unit (BCDU) on the ELC-1 pallet.

EV2 joined EV1 to assist in the removal of the MLI.

The EVA concluded after 6 hrs and 26 mins.




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