India’s GSLV Mk II paper model – AXM version

The second paper rocket from India I have designed is the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle or GSLV. It is an expendable launch system operated by ISRO.
The model prepared for this presentation is the GSLV Mk II F09 mission, which is the most recent launch as per the time of this post. It was launched on May 5, 2017 from the Second launch pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre, India. The GSAT-9 was its payload.

Compared to the PSLV, the GSLV is a 49.13 m in length and it has 3 stages:

  • First Stage (based on PSLV first stage) with 4 Liquid boosters called the L40H.
  • Second Stage
  • Thirs Stage (Cryogenic Upper Stage)

Thanks to my source and several other online references, I was able to put together this magnificent rocket in 1:96 scale.

When designing a paper model, you ask yourself whether how much complexity you’d like to add to the model. The decision is based on the accessibility of references in order to come up with a more detailed model. This is the case of the CUS or Cryogenic Upper Stage of this rocket. On the real vehicle, the third stage has an opening where it can be visualized the engine and its guts. I decided making it simple. It’s just a drawing.
At the end, the model looks fabulous. Like the real vehicle, the GSLV model is a beauty that needs to be displayed.

The photos are from my prototype model. On the final model, each liquid booster has its numbering identification. Enjoy!

Detail of the Cryogenic Upper Stage

Front view

Back view

Boosters 1 and 2 view

Boosters 3 and 4 view

Download File:

GSLV Mk II F09 AXM 1:96 version


2 responses to “India’s GSLV Mk II paper model – AXM version

  1. Dear Alfonso!
    I really appreciate your work on the different nations’ launch vehicles. Keep up the good work because the quality of your models became already a standard!
    Best regards,

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