2 responses to “PSLV C29 Core Alone configuration – AXM 1:96 version

  1. Awesom!

    Those chequered cylindrical things that look like ‘SITVC tank + RCT’ module are ‘Aerodynamic Stabilizers’ or AST in following


    “Left: The general configuration with six strap-ons. Middle: The Core Alone (CA) configuration. This version has no strap-ons. To compensate for this an Aerodynamic Stabiliser (AST) is included. Right: This version has strap-ons with extended length (XL) and more propellant loading. This is the most powerful version of the PSLV. It was used for both Chandrayaan-1 and the Mars Orbiter Mission.”

    Quoting ‘From Fishing Hamlet to Red Planet’

    On a side note PSLV G and XL version have strapons individually equipped with their own separate SITVC too! For PSLV XL strapons PSOMXL-4 and 5 have it and only PSOM 4 in PSLV-G

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