India’s PSLV rocket – AXM 1:96 version

The PSLV rocket or Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, is India’s workhorse rocket.
This model is in 1:96 scale and depicts the PSLV C25 mission that carried the Mars Orbiter Mission on Nov 5, 2013. As is customary, all the photos shown here are from my PSLV prototype model which has slight differences when compared to the final released model.

There are 3 configurations:

  • PSLV-CA (Core Alone)
  • PSLV-G (Medium size strap-on boosters)
  • PSLV-XL (Large size strap-on boosters)

 My research was based on photos obtained from the ISRO website (India Space Research Organization). There are plenty of photos for each of the PSLV missions. Unfortunately, the hardest part is getting the logos on the fairing. For the most part, the logos are a combination of the PSLV Project logo combined with logos from the respective satellites.
I decided doing the PSLV C25 mission because the photos did show in fairly good detail all the logos.

During the assembly of the prototype model, I came across with newer photos that showed more detail, that is the reason of the differences noted on the prototype model and the final released model.
And here is the model.

First stage engine

Second stage Ullage rockets and separation rocket motors

Easy SRB attachment design

Strap-on solid rocket booster location (PSOM-XL)

Complete PSLV-XL stack

Updated file:

More details have been added.

This model is dedicated to all my visitors from INDIA.
The model is available at my website here. Enjoy!!


17 responses to “India’s PSLV rocket – AXM 1:96 version

  1. All right, another one. Now where do I leave this one on my shelves? Last year I brought a couple of my paper rockets to the Dutch National Air and Space Museum to make some room but very soon I am going to get clogged again, I’m afraid… (-:
    All kidding aside, Looking good, Alfonso. I don’t know yet when I’ll make it but it’ll be there on the crowded shelves.

  2. This is reallllly nice! Thanks man. Do you have plans to make a GSLV MK-III also? I really like that rocket too.

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