Contingency US EVA-43

On May 23, 2017, ISS astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer ventured outside the International Space Station as a quick response to deal with the failure of an external command and control unit that occurred 3 days prior.

The failed EXT-1 MDM Zenith was installed during US EVA-41 (see post).

Main Tasks:

  • EXT-1 Zenith Removal and Replacement
  • Destiny Lab Nadir External Wireless Communications (EWC) Antenna installation

Peggy Whitson (EV-1) headed to the S0 truss segment while Jack Fischer (EV-2) translated forward to the nadir side of Destiny Laboratory module.

S0 truss working site to replace the EXT-1 Zenith MDM.

The red circle shows the EXT-1 MDM Zenith that was replaced by Whitson

Jack Fischer bolted down a pair of handrails with EWC antennas attached to them on the nadir side of the Destiny module. These antennas are necessary for the external HD camera assemblies that have begun deployment on the exterior of the ISS.

Nadir side of Destiny showing the area of the Rigid Umbilical where the 2 antennas will be bolted next to. Notice the 2 small red circles on the handrails. These are the spots where the antennas will be bolted.

Paper models of the EWC antennas to be glued to Destiny nadir side.

Jack Fischer (no stripe suit) is shown placing the antennas.

Port and Starboard EWC antennas

Placing the paper model antennas on the ISS model

The paper model antennas are very small and too delicate to handle. But with patience, good lighting conditions, a magnifying glass and a pair of tweezers, this task can be done. Definitively, you will need an extra pair of hands to manage this.

A little bit of glue will be good enough for each antenna to glue firmly on the Destiny model.

Download file:
AXMEVA43 EVA kit with EWC antennas



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