Ariane V ECA Flight VA-236 – AXM 1:96 version

And here’s my Ariane V ECA version. On my previous post I introduced my Ariane V 1:96 scale model in all its details, describing 5 Ariane V models in different configurations.

This post coincides with the launch of the Ariane V Flight VA-236 from Kourou, French Guiana. This flight is an ECA configuration with an “E”-Evolution Core Stage, powered by the upgraded Vulcain 2 engine and an ESC-A cryogenic upper stage.

Payloads consists of satellites for Brazil (SGDC) and South Korea (Koreasat-7). This launch was scheduled for March 21 but it was postponed due to a labor strike.

Front view of the Ariane V ECA

Back view showing the umbilicals

Engine section with Vulcain 2

Fairing size comparison – ES configuration (left) and ECA configuration (right)

ESC-A Cryogenic Upper Stage

The ECA version has an upgraded ESC-A cryogenic upper stage. The thrusters shown here are configured for the Ariane V ECA version.

These photos will assist in the assembly of these thrusters.

The fairing logos

Logos for this mission are: the Brazilian flag and the “Governo Federal” logo. Also, the KT logo from Koreasat.
Another logo is from one of the Ariane cities, the city of Lampholdshausen in Germany. As on previous Ariane flights, each flight is dedicated to one of the Ariane cities in Europe.

Enjoy building this model and complete the collection that just started.

Download files:

Ariane V ECA VA-236 papermodel


One response to “Ariane V ECA Flight VA-236 – AXM 1:96 version

  1. Very well done Alfonso!
    I really appreciate your highly detailed work. Looking forward to see the other agency models.

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