PMA-3 Relocation

On Sunday March 26, 2017, the Space Station’s robotic arm relocated the PMA-3 to the Harmony module where it will serve as a second docking target for commercial crew vehicles next year.
The umbilicals from the PMA-3 were disconnected during the last US EVA-40 (see post) preparing the way for today’s relocation.

As usual, I am using my ISS model in 1:100 to demonstrate this event.

This photo explains the relocation of the PMA-3 from the port side of Tranquility Node 3 to the zenith port of Harmony Node 2.

PMA-3 shown on its current location on the port side of Node 3.

Another view of PMA-3 on port side of Node 3.

First step was to maneuver the Station’s robotic arm (SSRMS) to a hover position over the zenith port of the Harmony module to document the opening of the Common Berthing Mechanism (CBM) petals in preparation for the PMA-3 arrival.

CBM petals in opening position.

Canadian Mobile Servicing System consisting of the MBS, DEXTRE and SSRMS.

Based on today’s NASA photos, these are the locations of DEXTRE and the SSRMS on the MBS. DEXTRE is attached to PDGF#2 and the SSRMS attached to PDGF#4 for the relocation maneuver.

A top view of the station looking forward showing the MBS and Canadarm2 in position for the relocation maneuver.

Closeup view

A command was sent to move the Canadarm2 closer to PMA-3 for grapple.

The SSRMS has now moved the PMA-3 to the zenith port of the Harmony module.

PMA-3 is about to be attached to Harmony.

Another view of the event.

Side view.

DEXTRE is seen on the MBS watching the whole event.

The Port side hatch on Node 3 now empty for future use.

SSRMS is completing the maneuver by connecting the PMA3 to the zenith port of Harmony Node 2 module.

A closeup of the zenith port of Harmony with PMA3. Also shown is PMA-2 with its newly IDA2 adapter.

Current ISS configuration with two new ports for commercial crew vehicles.

The PMA-3 model

The PMA-3 paper model is included in the ISS Combokit #2 which is available for free download at my old website ISS page.

This is the list of contents of the ISS Combokit #2.

At the time of this post, the current PMA-3 has a cover which is planned to be removed on the next US EVA-41 to be performed next week. For those who have purchased the ISS 1:100 papermodel, DO NOT GLUE the cover to the PMA-3. It has been designed to snap in place only.
In addition, the PMA-3 model is not to be glued to Harmony at this time, until the IDA3 adapter is added this year.

As seen on my photos, the ISS 1:100 papermodel is very accurate in depicting all the elements of the real ISS, because a lot of research was put into the ISS model. My posts are to educate and show the public what takes place aboard the real International Space Station.
I hope you had fun and learned a little bit about this presentation. I thank my kids for assisting me holding the black background and taking some photos for this post.
I welcome all your comments.

Next: US EVA-41



2 responses to “PMA-3 Relocation

  1. Another excellent update. Thanks again. I’m looking forward to more updates as the year progresses. I have some idea how much effort it is to do all those robotic arm manipulations and get those images. A lot of effort.

  2. Yes, Todd. It involves a lot of work and a second pair of hands, too. At times, you have to be creative and find a way to demonstrate these robotic maneuvers. Unfortunately, gravity is in the way.
    Thanks for your comment.

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