This post is a recreation of the US EVA-40 made with my paper astronauts and ISS paper model in 1:100 scale.
On Friday March 24th, 2017, astronauts Shane Kimbrough (NASA) and Thomas Pesquet(ESA) ventured outside the station on a 6 hour and 34 minute EVA.

Main EVA tasks:

  • Installation of an upgraded computer box (MDM) on S0 truss
  • PMA-3 disconnect
  • Inspecting an ammonia valve module for leaks on P1 RBVM
  • Lubrication of Dextre’s LEE
  • Replacing cameras on Japanese Exposed Facility

Shane Kimbrough is wearing red stripes (EV1) and Thomas Pesquet with no stripes (EV2).
The US EVA-40 was set up so each astronaut would work separately in order to complete all 5 mayor tasks.

Ext-2 MDM upgrade installation

S0 truss workplace for this task

Shane Kimbrough exited the Quest Airlock and headed to the S0 truss to start the first task to replace the External Control Zone 2 (EXT-2) Multiplexer-Demultiplexer (MDM) with an upgraded ‘EPIC MDM’ that uses enhanced processing and communications systems to provide more computing power and enable high-rate communications through Ethernet.

PMA-3 disconnect

Shane Kimbrough returned to the airlock to drop the EXT-2 MDM then headed to Node 3 to disconnect umbilicals from PMA-3.


Shane Kimbrough is seen here disconnecting some umbilicals from the PMA-3 and getting it ready for its relocation to Harmony Node 2 module via the SSRMS on Sunday 26.

P1 RBVM inspection

Meantime, Thomas Pesquet (EV2) is retrieving a foot restraint from ESP-2.

Pesquet headed towards the P1 truss to start the inspection of a Radiator Beam Valve Module (RBVM) for ammonia leaks.

The device near Pesquet is called the RBVM and the elements within the red circle are the Radiator Flex hoses that Pesquet need to inspect for ammonia leakage.

Dextre’s LEE lubrication

On his second task of the day, Pesquet started setting a foot restraint on the S0 truss for the lubrication of Dextre’s Latching End Effector (LEE).

The SSRMS and Dextre were moved closer to Pesquet to begin the lubrication task.

Pesquet is lubricating Dextre’s LEE

Replacement of cameras on JEM-EF

Shane Kimbrough towed a large ORU bag to the Kibo module and Japanese Exposed Facility in order to replace two cameras.

Shane Kimbrough is shown working on the replacement of the first camera located on the Japanese robotic arm.

He then translated underneath the Exposed Facility to work on the other side to replace the second camera.

Shane Kimbrough working on the second camera.

With well over 90 minutes of regular EVA time left, Kimbrough managed to check off a get ahead task from the Station’s lower-priority to-do list. He climbed over to the S1 truss segment to replace a failed light on one of the Station’s CETA carts by removing a single power connector and releasing one bolt to detach the failed unit before bolting the new one into place and hooking it up to the power line.

Both astronauts returned to the Quest Airlock completing US EVA-40.

ISS papermodel and astronauts

This demonstration was made with my ISS 1:100 scale paper model and paper astronauts. This does not involve making changes to the station model. These paper astronauts were attached with tape for this presentation. The photo that shows the paper astronaut on S0 for the lubrication of Dextre’s LEE was attached with a very small amount of glue. Later on, it was removed causing no damage to the model. My daughter Andrea assisted me taking the photos while I sustained the Robot arm and Dextre in my hand for Dextre’s lube task photos.


Next: PMA-3 Relocation


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