CRS-10 Robotics – STP-H5 installation

It’s time for CRS-10 trunk payloads installation via the Canadarm2 and DEXTRE.
This post is based on information from the ISS On-Orbit Status Report from NASA. I am using my ISS papermodel to demonstrate the robotics involved in the installation of the payloads from Dragon CRS-10.

On Feb 24, 2017, the day after the Dragon CRS-10 was berthed to the Harmony module (see previous post), the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) was configured for external Dragon cargo operations, setting the way to extract the STP-H5 from Dragon’s trunk. The Trunk Cargo survey also took place.

img_2608 Canadarm2 and DEXTRE are being prepared for Dragon’s cargo operations.

img_2609 DEXTRE is performing the trunk cargo photo survey.

On Feb 27, 2017, the Robotics Ground controllers maneuvered the SSRMS and DEXTRE to a translate configuration and translated the Mobile Transporter (MT) from Worksite #6 to Worksite #7. Ahead of schedule, they maneuvered the SSRMS and DEXTRE to remove the OPALS payload from ELC-1.

img_2610 The MT with SSRMS and DEXTRE close to ELC-1

ELC-1 showing Site 8 where OPALS is located. OPALS will be removed and replaced with the STP-H5 payload.

img_2612 DEXTRE approaching ELC-1 and ready to remove OPALS.

img_2615 OPALS is removed and installed on DEXTRE’s EOTP Side 2.

On Feb 28, 2017, DEXTRE removed the STP-H5 payload from Dragon’s trunk.

img_2620 Dragon’s trunk interior showing DEXTRE’s arm approaching the STP-H5 payload.

img_2621 Dragon’s trunk interior after the removal of STP-H5 payload.

img_2618 DEXTRE is shown handling the OPALS on the EOTP and the STP-H5 on one of his arms.

Photos of the STP-H5 payload with RAVEN camera.

img_2630 The STP-H5 was installed on ELC-1 Site 8


img_2633 Notice the position and orientation of STP-H5 on ELC-1.

img_2623 RAVEN location on STP-H5 payload. Labels indicate the orientation of the payload on ELC-1. Ram indicates the flight direction of the ISS.

The STP-H5 was successfully installed and activated, one day earlier than originally planned.

Check here to learn about all the ELC-1 configurations up to this mission.

On March 1, 2017, the Robotics Ground Controllers translated the MT from Worksite #7 to WS6. Canadarm2 and DEXTRE were maneuvered back to the Harmony Node 2 module in preparation to start the extraction of the SAGE Instrument Panel.


Part 3: SAGE-III installation

Source: ISS On-Orbit Status Report


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