Dragon 2 Pad Abort 1:48 scale – Model review

I released this model sometime ago but I always wanted to come back and fix a few things. On my old post, the Dragon 2 model was not a good model that I was happy with.

After reviewing my references, I compared them to the diagram of the Dragon 2 shown at the SpaceX website, which it looked more accurate, so I re-worked on the numbers.
Overall, I made several modifications that included:

  • Changing the artwork on the capsule, lightening the color of the lines.
  • Capsule nosecone modified
  • Capsule windows resized
  • Capsule umbilical panel rescaled.
  • 3D capsule umbilical added
  • SuperDraco rocket housings modified
  • Angle of SuperDraco rocket housings corrected
  • Dragon 2 trunk rescaled
  • Trunk launch base added

The end result is a better looking model, although not perfect. That is correct, not perfect. There could be a little more work to do on the model, but I will stop here and wait for the real Dragon 2 crewed version to be launched hopefully by the end of the year. That model will be based on real photos and with more details.

The photos shown below is from the redesigned Dragon 2 model. The model used for this presentation is my prototype.





The photos shown are from the entire model in all angles. But this model can be separated in all its components; its capsule, trunk and launch base.




img_2275 Closeup of the capsule umbilical

img_2301 Capsule umbilical front view

img_2302 Capsule umbilical side view

img_2304 Closeup of the umbilical panel. This part has been patched on the prototype

img_2310 Capsule umbilical covering umbilical panel

img_2296 Closeup of a SuperDraco rocket housing.

img_2297 Detail showing the SuperDraco thrusters

img_2239 Prototype part of the SuperDraco housing showing the reverse side. Note that the top squared portion that has the number has to be folded backwards so it will be glued covering the respective number on the capsule. This is done once the capsule and nosecone is completely built.

img_2298 Detail showing both SuperDraco housings on one side. Note the difference in size and how the upper part is glued to the base of the nosecone.

img_2299 A front view of a SuperDraco rocket housing

img_2284 Top view showing all SuperDraco housings

img_2235 Another modification was the inner capsule support former. I decided to make an opening to facilitate gluing this part to the base of the capsule.

The assembly of the trunk and fins is straightforward and will not be discussed here. But the trunk launch base is the new addition and here are some photos.

img_2260 Here is the octagonal base detail

img_2262 Launch base ring that is glued to the octagon

img_2300 Photo shows the launch base also connected to the trunk. Note that both the trunk and launch base are connected with the connector ring and are not supposed to be glued, although it’s optional.

The photos below show how to align the parts of the model:

img_2278 IMPORTANT First, align the seamlines from both the trunk and the launch base.

img_2305 Match the umbilical with its umbilical panel. Note that the trunk fin is centered with the Dragon’s head logo.

You can now download the model at my website. Look for the Dragon 2 model on the Falcon 9 page here.



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