HTV-6 Robotics Operations – Part 3

After all the US EVA-38 tasks were completed on the S4 IEA 3A channel, the second DEXTRE robotics operations continued.
In preparation for this second robotics operation, the S4 segment was reconfigured by rotating the starboard truss segment so the S4 IEA 1A channel ended up facing Nadir. For this presentation I have removed the lower solar panels.

img_2119 Notice that the radiator is facing aft, so the 1A Channel can be accessible to DEXTRE from the nadir side.

img_2121 Here we can see DEXTRE and the MBS location in relation to the S4 working place.

On Jan 7, 2017, DEXTRE released the H1 bolts on the next 3 Li-Ion batteries remaining on the EP, with no issues.
The next robotics operations took place between Jan 8 through the 11th.

img_2120 DEXTRE started working on the 1A Channel

img_2088 This diagram shows in red the old Ni-H2 batteries on the 1A channel to be removed by DEXTRE.

Batteries 5 and 6 were released and moved to the EP slots A and B.

New battery from slot E was then moved to slot 5 on the 1A IEA.

Old battery 1 was moved to slot C on the EP

New battery from slot D was moved to slot 1 on the 1A IEA.

img_2110 Old battery from slot 3 is removed by DEXTRE and hold by his Arm #1.

New battery from slot F is released and moved to slot 3 on the 1A IEA.

At this point, DEXTRE fastens the H1 secondary bolts on slots 1, 3 and 5.

img_2112 The last task for Dextre is to remove old battery 2 and to hold it on his Arm #2.

This is the completed scenario in preparation for the US EVA-39 coming up next on Jan 13, 2017.



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