US EVA-38 Spacewalk

Following the choreographic robotic operation done by DEXTRE and the Station’s Robotic Arm on Dec 31, 2016 (previous post), astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson ventured outside the ISS on Jan 6, 2017 for 6 hours and 32 minutes to start US EVA-38.

Kimbrough is EV1 with red stripes and Whitson is EV2 with no stripes. For this post I used my paper astronauts to demonstrate this EVA.

For US EVA-38, the astronauts task is to finish the battery integration by installing 3 Adapter Plates on the IEA to bridge electrical connections between the new batteries and their Charge/Discharge Units.

img_2033 Astronaut Kimbrough (red stripes) exited the Quest airlock and headed to the front side of the S0 truss

img_2030 He then stopped at the CETA Cart to get his toolbox and a foot restraint

img_2034 He continued towards the starboard section (note the Adapter Plates on the EP that I have installed for this demonstration

A closeup view of the EP with the 3 Adapter Plates to be installed onto S4 IEA

img_2035 Another view showing the MBS, Canadarm2 and EP

img_2036 Here, Kimbrough has reached the S3 truss in close proximity with the S4

img_2044 Kimbrough is seen here preparing his workplace by installing a foot restraint and a handling device on one of the old Ni-H2 batteries.

In the process, astronaut Peggy Whitson has exited the Quest airlock and headed towards the EP, where she used a ratchet wrench to break torque on the bolts holding the Adapter Plates.

img_2040 Whitson (no stripes) working on 2 Adapter Plates

img_2041 Whitson working on the 3rd Adapter Plate

img_2042 Then Whitson was joined by Kimbrough and the two worked with their tools to release 2 Adapter Plates and carried them to the IEA for installation


The first Adapter Plate A was installed on the empty space (slot 6). The electrical connections were successful and confirmed by the Electrical Systems Officers at Mission Control. The connectivity was good, giving ISS its first Li-Ion battery.

img_2048 Next was to free up the old battery on slot 4

The old battery was installed on top of the new Adapter Plate that had been placed on slot 6.

The second Adapter Plate B was placed on slot 4, fully integrating the second Li-Ion battery into the 3A channel.

img_2052 Working at a fast pace, the crew removed the old Ni-H2 battery from slot 2 and bolting it onto Adpater Plate B to free up the final slot on the IEA for the 3rd Adapter Plate.

img_2053 Here, the second old battery is being placed on top of Adapter Plate B

img_2043 The last of the Adapters was still attached to the EP, requiring both spacewalkers to get the adapter and moving it to the S4 IEA.

The last Adapter Plate C is installed on slot 2. Mission Control confirmed good health of the Li-Ion battery, giving ISS its first power channel purely driven by Li-Ion batteries.

img_2055 And this is the final configuration of the S4 IEA 3A channel. Notice that this is a new updated artwork for my ISS. I have added more detail to the batteries and rest of ORUs including the PFCS. Based on photos I noticed that the PFCS is sitting horizontally on the Upper side of the IEA and is parallel on the Lower side.

img_2032 For the ISS papermodel, this is the way the parts are glued to the new artwork. Please glue it on top of the S4 IEA Upper side.


With all the scheduled tasks completed, the crew went on to some get-ahead tasks.

First get-ahead

img_2057 Kimbrough headed to the ELC-2 pallet to have a good view for a photographic survey of the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to aid engineers on the ground in order to outfit the AMS on a future spacewalk.

Second get-ahead

img_2059 Peggy Whitson moved to the S3 truss to remove a broken lighting fixture. This task became complicated taking both crew members to release the single stanchion bolt holding the light in place.

Final get-ahead

img_2060 Both crew members routed a bundle of Ethernet cables from the “rat’s nest” on the Z1 truss to the inside of the S0 truss.


After completing all tasks, the crew headed towards the Quest airlock to end the EVA.
Another set of robotics operations by Dextre will be performed before the second EVA takes place on Jan 13, 2017.

Enjoy this EVA kit and update your ISS model.

Next: Dextre Robotics Operations – Part 3

Download file:
axmeva38 US EVA-38 kit

Get your ISS 1:100 papermodel here.



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