Delta IV Medium WGS-8 paper model

United Launch Alliance (ULA) delivered the Wideband Global SATCOM satellite No. 8 (WGS8) into space for the US Air Force after a successful launch on Dec 7, 2016. The launch was right on schedule at 6:53 pm EST (2353 GMT) from Cape Canaveral.
And here’s the paper model for the occassion.

Delta IV WGS8 paper model

The Papermodel is in 1:96 scale. It is the Delta IV Medium Plus variant 5,4 with the 5 mt Payload fairing and 4 Solid Rocket Motors.
For this presentation, the model is being displayed on top of the Delta IV Launch Table designed by a fellow modeler Michael Knobloch.


ULA makes tribute to Michael A. Carr




img_1670 Location of Solid Rocket Motors 1 and 3

img_1671 Location of Solid Rocket Motors 2 and 4

Notice that Solid Rocket Motors 1 and 2 are identified with a “skirt” covering the engine nozzle.

img_1678 Aft view



Check my Delta IV page from my old website to download the instruction manuals for the rocket and also the Launch Table pad files and manual here.

Enjoy and keep collecting!


Download files:
axmdeltaivmediumwgs8 Delta IV Medium 5,4 WGS8 1:96 scale


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