Atlas V GOES-R 100th EELV rocket paper model

The 100th rocket in America’s Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program was successfully launched for a vital mission on Saturday Nov 19 at 6:42 pm EST from Cape Canaveral.

The ULA Atlas V AV-069 rocket will lift the GOES-R geostationary weather observatory into orbit for NASA and NOAA. GOES-R represents the single biggest advancement in technology since the first geostationary weather observatory was deployed 41 years ago.

Paper model

The Atlas V paper model comes in 1:96 scale, with 4 Solid Rocket Boosters. It uses the short payload fairing for the 500 series.
Based on ULA’s photos, the Atlas V interstage shows a more homogeneous color as compared to previous missions. This might be the new change for the interstage moving forward.




img_1480 Engine section showing the RD-180 engines and 4 SRBs.

img_1481 New interstage color configuration

Previous interstage color configurations. Left (Original) and Right (since Aug 2012).

UPDATE: I am presenting the GOES-R spacecraft papermodel in 1:35 scale, designed by Zach from Zach’s PaperSat Designs. This model is being hosted at my blog with the designer’s permission. The designer is a member of the PaperModeler’s Forum. For any updates please contact Zach at


Enjoy the models!

Download Files:
axmatlasv96goes-r Atlas V GOES-R in 1:96 scale

GOES-R 1:35 scale (13 mb)




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