Atlas V WorldView4 paper model

A new mission and a new paper model for the Atlas V collection.
The Atlas V paper model for the WorldView4 satellite is in a 401 configuration (4 meter diameter payload fairing) with no Solid Rocket Boosters and in 1:96 scale.

Atlas V WorldView 4

The Atlas V with designated number AV-062 was successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California on Friday Nov 11, 2016.

The WorlView4 satellite will climb to orbit atop the Atlas V rocket, built by UNITED LAUNCH ALLIANCE. The WorldView4 satellite hosts a 1.1 meter telescope that can resolve details on the ground as small as 31 centimeters.



img_1097 AXM logo artwork. Fairing logo, with the names of the companies involved. The mission is led by DIGITALGLOBE, satellite built and launch contracted by Lockheed Martin, and the satellite camera is built by HARRIS.

And as a bonus, here’s the Atlas V WorldView3 that I couldn’t complete at the time of the launch back in 2014. Enjoy!

Atlas V WorldView 3

The WorlView3 satellite was launched into orbit on August 13, 2014 via an Atlas V from Vandenberg Air Force Base.
The satellite was based on a Ball Aerospace Platform hosting an agile pointing system and optical payload delivering panchromatic images at a 31 centimeter resolution, color imagery at 1.24 meters and expanding previous capabilities by adding an infrared imaging system.



img_1100 Notice the old umbilical tray on the side of the rocket in its original color.

img_1096 AXM logo artwork. Fairing logo with the names of the companies. EXELIS is now part of HARRIS.

Enjoy the models!

Download Files:

axmatlasv_wv4 Atlas V WorldView 4

axmatlasv_wv3 Atlas V WorldView 3



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