Soyuz MS-02 arrives at ISS

The second upgraded Soyuz MS-02 crew vessel docked to the International Space Station on Friday Oct 21, 2016 at 5:52 am EDT.
The Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying Soyuz commander Sergey Rizhikov, Andrey Borisenko and NASA astronaut Share Kimbrough departed on Oct 19, 2016 from Kazakhstan.
Although in recent years, Soyuz spacecrafts have followed a faster 6 hour rendezvous profile, the Soyuz MS-02 is only the second in a series of upgraded ferry ships featuring a variety of new components and improvements. As with the Soyuz MS-01 launch in July, the crew of Soyuz MS-02 will carry out a series of tests en route to the space station to confirm the new systems are operating properly.

img_1247 ISS Russian segment showing the POISK module docking port for Soyuz MS-02

img_1252 Soyuz MS-02 on final approach to the POISK module.
Docking occurred 251 miles over southern Russia.


img_1250 Current ISS Russian segment configuration post Soyuz MS-02 docking



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