New Antares 230 OA-5 papermodel

The new Antares 230 rocket carrying the Enhanced Cygnus OA5 was successfully launched Monday night on Oct 17, 2016 from Wallops Island.
The Cygnus spacecraft will deliver cargo to the ISS under the Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) contract with NASA. The spacecraft is named in honor of former US Astronaut and Naval Aviator Captain Alan Poindexter.

After the loss of the Antares rocket on Orb-3 mission 2 years ago, the new Antares 230 rocket will carry the Enhanced Cygnus cargo vessel for the first time.
Previous launches that carried the Enhanced Cygnus version were on board ULAs Atlas V OA-4 and OA-6 missions.



The new Antares 200 series uses the original two stage Antares design with a first stage built in Ukraine and a solid fueled second stage manufactured by Orbital ATK. The only change to the 100 series is a switch from the AJ26 engines that had been identified as the culprit in the October 2014 launch failure that claimed the loss of the Cygnus Orb-3 spacecraft.

Two months after the 2014 launch failure, Orbital announced the company selected the russian RD-181 engine for the new Antares 200 series. The NPO Energomash Engine is compatible with the existing ratio as the old AJ26 engine and only requiring adjustments to the engine interface on the business end of the rocket to fit the new engines.

The Antares 230 paper model

The paper model is in 1:100 scale, with a separate second stage, separate fairing shroud and an Enhanced Cygnus in 2 forms, one in launch configuration and the other to be berthed to the ISS model.
The second stage uses the Castor 30XL engine, same one used in the model for the Orb-3 mission.
What’s new about this Antares 230 model is the modification of the engine section with the addition of the new RD-181 engines. Also, an umbilical has been modified after reviewing detailed photos of the Antares rocket.

See photos of the model below:

Castor 30XL motor

img_1187 For launch configuration notice that the Cygnus engine nozzle and Grapple fixture are not added to the model in order to be glued to the Castor 30XL motor.

img_1180 Solar arrays in launch configuration.

img_1178 Solar array supports


Solar array details

The Motor cone part is placed at the level of the red line shown on this photo.

img_1216 Enhanced Cygnus OA05 in launch configuration


img_1207 Full second stage and fairing stack

img_1206 The fairing shroud will fully cover the Enhanced Cygnus and Castor 30XL stack.

img_1232 The Antares 230 bottom section with the new RD-181 engines.

img_1234 Closeup of the RD-181 engines with no engine covers.

img_1191 Engine section of the old Antares 100 version with the old AJ26 engines and engine covers.

Download files:
newaxmantares230 1:100 paper model (UPDATED)

axmcygnusoa-51100 Enhanced Cygnus OA-5 cargo ship for ISS

Check out previous missions from my old website Antares page where you can also find the assembly manuals.



7 responses to “New Antares 230 OA-5 papermodel

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  3. Great job on the details! During the livecast of the launch I noticed the rings around the Antares, from the bottom of the fairing to the bottom of the ring that conceals the 2nd stage are all a little bit receded. When I finally come to make this model, I might use a piece of grey or metallic paper behind these parts of the fuselage to get this effect.

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