US EVA-37 Spacewalk

On Sep 1, 2016 the day that spelled calamity for SpaceX as its Falcon 9 Upgraded booster, laden with Israel’s Amos-6 communications satellite, suffered a catastrophic failure during fueling at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Fla, a pair of astronauts smoothly performed a lengthy EVA outside the ISS.
Expedition 48 space walkers Jeff Williams (EV1) and Kate Rubins (EV2) spent 6 hours and 48 minutes retracting and securing the Trailing Thermal Control Radiator (TTCR) and tending other important tasks.

Designated US EVA-37, it followed on the heels of the highly successful US EVA-36 on August 19, during which Williams and Rubins installed the IDA-2 on the PMA-2.

imageTTCR status since Nov 2012 when it was redeployed due to ammonia leak from late 2006. During US EVA-33 in Nov 2015, Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren were able to retract it but ran out of time and encountered problems leaving the TTCR fully deployed again.

The following photos demonstrates the US EVA-37 spacewalk using my ISS papermodel and astronauts.

imageTrail for Jeff Williams (EVA1) to follow. He exits the Quest Airlock and heads towards the main truss.

imageWilliams on the truss heading towards the P6 element (end of portside truss)

imageA forward view of the station that shows the path for Williams to go through.


imageWilliams continues his way.

imageThis is the end of the Portside truss showing the extended TTCR which is the main task to complete for this EVA. Ground control configured the end of the Portside truss to face forward following the flight direction of the station for a better view.

imageWilliams (EV1-red stripes) has arrived to the P6 truss element and gets ready.

imageAnother view of Williams working under the TTCR.

imageKate Rubins (EV2-no stripes) has now joined and works on the top side of the TTCR.




imageThe TTCR has been retracted successfully and the astronauts are checking for any problems.

imageAstronauts are getting ready to put the thermal cover

imageThermal cover deployed

imageSecuring the thermal cover

The main task has been completed. Now on to replacement light for Camera Group 9 and adding a High Definition Camera.

imageWilliams (EV1) is getting ready with a foot restraint and waiting for the Canadarm2 to get closer.

imageGetting ready to climb onto Canadarm2

imageWilliams is now in position on the Canadarm2 and getting closer to Camera Group 9 on P1 truss.

imageA burned out bulb was removed and a replacement light was installed on the Camera Group 9 on the P1 truss, and the External High Definition Camera Assembly (EHDCA) has been added.

As Williams worked on the CG9 light, Rubins returned to the SARJ (Solar Alpha Rotary Joint) location to perform a visual inspection of the area.


imageRubins inspecting the SARJ

imageAnother minor task was to check the brakes on the CETA cart.

The US EVA-37 has been successfully completed.

Download file:
EVA37TTCR P6 TTCR retracted with cover 1:100 scale



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