US EVA-36 Spacewalk – Part 2

The US EVA-36 Spacewalk, part of Expedition 48, took place on Friday Aug 19, 2016. Two space walkers attached a new docking port to the International Space Station, clearing the way for U.S. Crew ferry ships being built by Boeing and SpaceX to begin test flights to the lab complex next year. It was a key step in NASA’s drive to regain independent access to the lab complex for the first time since the shuttle fleet was retired in 2011. The International Docking Adapter will allow spacecraft from both companies to bring crews to the outpost, ending NASA’s sole reliance on Russian Soyuz ferry ships.

This Part 2 is a continuation from the previous Robotics operations made by DEXTRE (see here). The presentation for this post was made by using small US Astronauts models in 1:100 scale that were attached with tape to the ISS model to depict the main tasks for EVA-36.

imageAstronaut Jeff Williams is EV-1 with the red stripe suit. Kate Rubins is the EV-2 with no stripes

imageBoth astroauts exit the Quest Airlock to initiate EVA-36

imageAstronauts now make their way to ESP-2 to get gear

imageWilliams (red stripes) starts heading through the Destiny module towards the Harmony module. Rubins (no sripes) is preparing to get the foot restraint (not shown for this presentation)

imageWilliams is now over the Harmony module heading to the PMA-2

imageWilliams gets to PMA-2 to start preparing his tools

imageNow Rubins prepares her way towards the Harmony module in a different direction

imageNow both astronauts meet at the PMA-2 to start working on their respective tasks

imageRubins (no stripes) starts getting the cables ready for connection

imageBoth astronauts are connecting the proper cables to power the IDA-2

imageDEXTRE is now letting go his arm from IDA-2.

imageThe IDA-2 is now connected to the PMA-2. DEXTRE has retrieved from IDA-2

imageAstronauts are preparing to remove the thermal cover on the IDA-2

imageThermal cover is being removed

imageRemoving thermal cover

imageIDA-2 without its thermal cover

imageAnother view of IDA-2

imageAstronauts are completing the work on IDA-2

imageWilliams is now preparing to start some Get-Ahead tasks for this EVA. Heading to the Starboard side of the station towards the AMS-2

All primary tasks of EVA-36 had been complete by PET+5 hours and 15 minutes, allowing the spacewalkers to press ahead with the two get-ahead tasks outlined for this EVA. However, Williams noted a degrading communications system with audio dropping out in his right ear. In an exercise of caution, Mission Control decided to forego any additional tasks and have the crew return to the airlock.

imageWilliams was supposed to go to the top of ELC-2 to start a photo survey of the AMS-2, but this was cancelled.

Another Get-Ahead tasks was to configure a CETA cart but is now postponed.

imageThe IDA-2 is now fully installed and it’s the newest addition to the ISS.

imageAnother view of IDA-2 connected to PMA-2

imageBottom view of IDA-2

imageAstronauts returned to the Quest Airlock and have completed US EVA-36.

Next EVA-37 involves retracting the radiator from P6 next month.


Download File:
AXM_USEVAastronauts1100 US Astronauts 1:100 scale

Check the CRS-9 mission to download the IDA-2 here.

Special thanks to my kids Andrea and Adrian for helping holding the black foam boards that served as the background for the full ISS photo.



10 responses to “US EVA-36 Spacewalk – Part 2

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. It’s great to see how insightful you make these EVA’s by using just these two little 2D astronauts (well, more than 2 I guess, seeing the different ‘positions’ they take). Thanks! And thumbs up to Andrea and Adrian for helping you out. (Are they bearing the full AXM initials, too? (-: )

    • Thanks PK. Yes, each 2-D astronaut has 4 different side position and that covers everything.
      Only Adrian bears my initials.

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