US EVA-36 Robotics – Part 1

Expedition 48 US EVA-36 consists of two parts: the Robotics maneuvers and the US Spacewalk.
The Robotics maneuvers started off on Aug 17, 2016 with the use of Canadarm2 robotic arm and “DEXTRE”Special Purpose Dextrerous Manipulator.

This post is about the maneuvers that take place in order to install the International Docking Adapter 2 (IDA-2) to Pressurized Mating Adapter-2 (PMA-2) on the Harmony module. I have used my ISS 1:100 scale model and the Canadarm2, DEXTRE, and IDA-2 to show the complete Robotics installation.

image The Canadarm2 or SSRMS has walked off to Node 2 Harmony module, has grappled DEXTRE and its heading to Dragon’s CRS-9 trunk.

image View of Dragon’s trunk showing the IDA-2 and its trunk support system. DEXTRE is now ready in pre-grapple position.

image DEXTRE is entering the trunk.




image DEXTRE has grappled the IDA-2.

At this point, this post will not follow the Live event. The following photos show what is planned for tonight.

image The IDA-2 is out of the trunk.

image DEXTRE is shown grappling the IDA-2 and positioning to face the PMA-2.

image Now DEXTRE is aligned to PMA-2

image DEXTRE is closing to PMA-2 just few feet away.

image DEXTRE has attached the IDA-2 to PMA-2 (nadir view)

image IDA-2 is temporarily attached to PMA-2 via DEXTRE.
It will be permanently attached on Friday during US Spacewalk by astronauts Jeff Williams and Kate Rubins.

Spacewalk Part 2

Source: NASA,


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