JUNO’s Mission to Jupiter

After the successful Jovian Orbit Insertion of JUNO at Jupiter on July 4, 2016, I am releasing an updated complete 1:96 model of the Atlas V that launched the JUNO spacecraft. The Atlas V is a 551 configuration with 5 solid rocket boosters.


Also, I am including a link to download the JUNO spacecraft in 1:24 scale created by fellow designer John Jogerst. John has made an exceptional replica of the spacecraft. The file is located at John Leslie’s “Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center” website, halfway down the page. Look for the JUNO’s model.


The JUNO model also has an update made by another great designer, Jasper Huizinga (alias PK).
So, let’s follow the JUNO mission and download the rocket and JUNO spacecraft models!!

Download files:


JUNO spacecraft 1:24 scale (link)


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