Cygnus OA-6 departure from ISS

On Wednesday, June 14, 2016, the Cygnus OA-6 cargo ship departed the ISS after completing 80 days berthed at the station.



The cargo ship was released by the station’s robotic arm and unberthed from the nadir port of Unity Node1.

The Cygnus cargo ship has a NanoRacks Deployer on the exterior of its service module and will be activated to release nano satellites on June 20.


ISS configuration after Cygnus OA-6 departure.

After it separated to a safe distance from the station, the SAFFIRE experiment was conducted to better understand how flames will behave in weightlessness and improve fire safety techniques for future spacecraft.

image NASA

On June 22, the cargo ship will be deorbited for a harmless disposal over the South Pacific.
The next Cygnus cargo mission to the station will launch atop the redesigned Antares rocket.



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