Tesla-S and Falcon 9 models

We are all familiar with Mr Elon Musk’s companies, SpaceX and Tesla. Wouldn’t be nice to have a Tesla car paper model to be displayed next to a Falcon 9 rocket model? Well, you can now!! Only here.

The Tesla-S Paper model belongs to designer Csaba Bai from Hungary who allowed me to host his work here on my blog. He receives all the credit for creating such a nice Tesla-S model. It comes in 1:100 and 1:96 scales.
The 1:100 scale will match the Falcon 9 paper models from my site.

It’s a nice little addition to display it next to the Falcon-9 rocket model. It also comes with Mr Musk figurine; of course, He is the Boss!




Thanks, Csaba.

Download file:
Tesla Model S paper craft Tesla-S paper model from designer Csaba Bai.

You can download any of the Falcon 9 First stage in landing configuration to display it with the Tesla-S:

AXMFalcon9LandingConfig1100 OrbCommOg2
AXMFalcon9CRS-8LandingConfig1100 CRS-8
AXMFalcon9JCSAT-14LandingConfig1100 JCSAT-14
AXMFalcon9Thaicom-8LandingConfig1100 Thaicom-8


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