Progress MS-02 docks to ISS

Progress MS-02 spacecraft is the second of the new line of upgraded MS spacecrafts.
Read my updated post covering the Progress MS-01 here.

Progress MS-02 (63P) was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on Thursday Mar 31, 2016 taking the long way round to the Station, not using the fast six hour launch-to-docking flight profile in order to give engineers a chance to put the spacecraft through a number of tests involving the new MS systems that are set to premiere on the crewed Soyuz spacecraft in June.

The MS upgrade includes the new KURS-NA system, reducing mass over its predecessor by eliminating a number of antennas while increasing accuracy and flexibility. The Progress craft is outfitted with additional debris panels and an external compartment for future satellite deployments.


The Progress lined up with the aft of the Zvezda Service Module that had been vacated by Progress M-29M. Contact and capture occurred on Saturday Apr 2, 2016.


This was the second of three cargo craft set to arrive at ISS in a period of just three weeks. First was the Cygnus OA-6 and next is the SpaceX Dragon expected to lift off on Friday Apr 8th.

Download Progress MS-02 paper model: Updated

The Progress MS papermodel

During my previous post about the Progress MS-01, I missed some important details regarding the new Kurs-NA antenna. After reviewing several photos I was able to update the file for the Progress M paper model at my website, and in the process of researching for more information about the Kurs-NA, I discovered that this antenna was tested on previous Progress flights, therefore I created 2 new Progress M variants with the new Kurs-NA antenna.

The Kurs-NA antenna was first tested on Progress M-15M (47P) in 2012. During the mission, the Progress was fitted with the old Kurs-A antennas and with the new Kurs-NA antenna.

Download file: ProgressM15M


The second Kurs-NA system retest was done in 2014 during Progress M-21M (53P). On this mission, the Progress sported the new Kurs-NA antenna only, like the MS configuration.

Download file: ProgressM21M


Closeup photos of the Progress Papermodel upgrades




The above photos show in detail the Progress M models with the addition of new small parts making them more accurate. The MS model has the new Kurs-NA antenna which replaces other antennas from the old Progress M.
Enjoy the upgraded Progress models!!



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