Cygnus OA-6 en-route to ISS

An Atlas V blasted off from SLC-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on 3/22/2016 at 11:05 pm EDT, carrying the Cygnus OA-6 cargo spacecraft into orbit for a cargo delivery mission to the ISS.
The Enhanced Cygnus OA-6 is named “S.S. Rick Husband” in honor of Space Shuttle Columbia’s last commander.
This marked the second successful ISS launch carried out by the Atlas V after last December’s Cygnus OA-4 mission.

The Cygnus OA-6 is set for a 3 day journey to ISS and to be berthed to the Unity module and it’s booked for a stay of nearly two months. The Enhanced Cygnus features the new circular Ultra Flex solar arrays and improved Service Module Systems as part of weight reduction. Newly introduced by OA-6 is the capability of deploying CubeSats after unberthing, employing a NanoRacks deployment system installed on the exterior of the Cygnus Service Module.





The Cygnus OA-6 paper model is available in 1:100 scale to match the ISS paper model and includes the CubeSat Deployer NanoRacks system. The Atlas V paper model is available in 1:96 scale.

New photos are now posted, as well as an update to the Cygnus model file with the addition of the cover for the NanoRacks Deployer. Based on recent NASA photos during berthing of the Cygnus spacecraft, it is noticed that the NanoRacks Deployer has a thermal blanket or cover.
Enjoy the Papermodel and follow the mission.

The small white box covers the original NanoRacks Deployer box.





Download files: (Updated Cygnus file)
AXMAtlasV_OA-696 AtlasV OA-6 1:96 scale

AXMCygnusOA-61100 Cygnus OA-6 1:100 scale



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