Soyuz TMA-20M, last of TMA-M series arrives at ISS

The last of the TMA-M series to fly, the Soyuz TMA-20M was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on Friday Mar 18, 2016 bringing a crew of two veteran flight engineers and a rookie commander. The new Soyuz TMA-20M completed a four-orbit rendezvous to deliver the second half of the Expedition 47 crew for a half-year mission.

New crew Alexey Ovchinin, Oleg Skripochka and Jeff Williams will join ISS commander Tim Kopra, Tim Peake and Yuri Malenchenko.

To commemorate the 55th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s mission coming on April 12, the Soyuz TMA-20M launch shroud featured a distinctive decal of Gagarin’s face on its exterior.


At 3:09 UTC on Saturday, under six hours after liftoff, the Soyuz TMA-20M docked to the POISK module.


The Soyuz TMA-20M is slated for a stay of 174 days.



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