NROL-45 paper model in 1:96

United Launch Alliance launched its Delta IV rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base on Feb 10, 2016 carrying a classified radar imaging satellite for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. The NROL-45 mission, as it was called, used a specialized Delta IV Medium Plus (5,2) configuration that headed into a retrograde orbit, possibly carrying a Radar Satellite code name Topaz.

The paper model for this presentation is a prototype model in 1:96 scale. The drawing details vary slightly compared to the download version.


This is a vector graphic of the mission logo that I made. At the time of designing the model there was no logo available in the Internet. I used a photo of an embroidered patch for this mission, although it was somewhat skewed. But I was able to complete it.

As typical for every Delta IV mission, there is always a legend placed on the Interstage below the ULA logo as a tribute in memory of an ULA employee.


Download NROL-45 rocket model:

Go to my website and check out more Delta IV models and collect them all!



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