Falcon 9 v1.2 First Stage has landed!

We all watched in awe SPACEX’s amazing achievement by landing its First Stage on solid ground. The Orbcomm2 second mission was successfully launched on Monday Dec 21, 2015 using the new upgraded Falcon 9, the v1.2 or also called “Full Thrust”. I was totally hooked about this historic moment so started designing the First Stage in landing configuration in 1:100 scale.

After reviewing photos of the Falcon 9 Orbcomm2 mission, I’ve noticed some changes made on the rocket. Mainly, the Second stage and Interstage have been enlarged a little bit. Also, the Grid Fins have been modified and some other details on the umbilicals.
The hardest part was matching the color of the soot on the exterior of the rocket once it landed. At the time of this post, I have changed the color to match it closely to the real photos.
The model used for the photos is the prototype version. The final product will have a different color tone for the soot.





Closeups of the Grid Fins.



And here are some close ups of the landing legs rods attached to the rocket.




The complete Falcon 9 v1.2 will be described in a new post.
Below are the links for both the First Stage Landing paper model and the new Falcon 9 v1.2 Orbcomm2 mission.

Download Files:

AXMFalcon9LandingConfig1100 Updated


Instruction Manual:

AXM Falcon 9 First Stage Landing manual – PDFOptim


39 responses to “Falcon 9 v1.2 First Stage has landed!

  1. absolutely amazing model! Epic job! you did great capturing the details of the actual thing. Cant wait to get started on this, just wondering though, the soot colour on the prints are different to the soot colour in the photos, which is the correct colouring?

  2. Ha! Great, now I don’t have to start tinkering with an older F9 model of yours because you already did it for us. I am thinking of a small scale diorama of this. Maybe very soon. But not this year. (-:
    Have a great new year’s eve with your loved ones, Alfonso, and stay safe. Here’s to you, your models and have a great 2016.

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  4. Fantastic model Alfonso. Plain ass beautiful. Thank you very much for making this model available to us. I hope your Christmas was great and your New Years will be a fun but safe one. Thank you my friend and a BTW-I haven’t given up on the Russian Progress model of yours. Just on the back burner for right now. Thank you again and for for all you very kind help. Happoy holidays my friend. wc/john

  5. This is fantastic!, I, too am thinking of building a diorama – to include another “X-marked” landing spot with a Crewed Dragon “landed” next to its booster (completely unrealistic, of course, that the pads would be so close; but oh well…).
    BTW, I have built a model rocket version of your Falcon 9 v 1.1, with a modified version of your Pad Abort Crewed Dragon on top. It’s flown twice, successfully. Looks like I’ll have to upgrade to v 1.2 soon!
    Thank you so much for your sites, which obviously reflect your passion for space, while at the same time benefitting other space fans so much!
    – Stu Young

    • Stu,
      Thanks for your words. It sounds fantastic. Go for it.
      Do you have any videos of your model launch? I’d like to see it!

      • I have one, but it doesn’t show any close-ups of the rocket. I’ll work on uploading it, and some close-up pix, to either my Facebook account or my WordPress website. Both are in my phone, which is proving stubborn right now; I’m trying some work-arounds.

    • Thanks for the link. The launch was great but the actual video could’ve been better. If you have another chance in launching it take a closeup of the model. Also, when using your smartphone, position it horizontally for video recording. Thanks again!

  6. O.K., I finally was able to get the file of my close-up photo of my Falcon 9 model rocket accessible to my e-mail. Alfonso, do you have a preferred page to which you prefer attached photos to be sent? Perhaps a gallery or what-not?


    Stu Young

    • I don’t have a page for that but I can post it on my Facebook Pages for my website or my Twitter account. Or if have an IMGUR account or Instagram you can post it.

  7. I’ve tried to imitate the soot effects on the stage with ‘ordinary’ stage with some grind charcoal mix with some pencil graphite. It looks more realistic, but a bit messy and blackened your hand everytime you hold it :-D

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  9. Very nice, just completed the model a few days ago. I had an insane idea to mount my drone to the top of the model, and will be doing that this weekend. So thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. This a very well constructed model and the instructions really allow people like me to become involved so I too can build it. At one time some where I saw a paper model of the landing base with the big “X” up for downloading. Would anyone have a link to it? Outstanding model Alfonso. First class job. My deepest thanks. wc/john

  11. I just completed this model to prepare for the Return To Flight on Saturday! Thanks for all your hard work on this Alfonso! It was a fun model to build!

  12. Beautiful model – I have just assembled your CRS-13 and the landed stage is likely my next. However, I am puzzled by the colour of the inside/upward facing area of the legs. On your model, the inside is black with white edges, but on all photos I have encountered, it is the reverse. Is your model in the colour scheme of an earlier Falcon 9?

      • Ok, thanks for enlightening me. Your info made me look up videos of the first landings, and the colours agree very well with your model.

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