KIBO’s Exposed Facility update 2

A new update on KIBO’s Exposed Facility took place on July 10, 2015 with the relocation of one of the external payloads, the Space Environment Data Acquisition Equipment Attached Payload (SEDA-AP), which is an instrument designed to measure the space environment.



These photos show the original location of the SEDA-AP on KIBO’s Exposed Facility. This payload was moved by the Japanese Robotic Arm from attachment point EFU9 to EFU11.


The available EFU9 attachment point will be prepared for the upcoming CALET payload that will be brought aboard the Japanese HTV-5 cargo vessel next August.

For those who are updating the ISS paper model from my website, follow these photos and move the SEDA-AP to EFU11 location on the Japanese Exposed Facility.

Click here for next Update


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