Arrival of Soyuz TMA17-M at ISS

Soyuz TMA-17M successfully launched on July 22, 2015 on a 6 hour launch-to-docking mission to the ISS. The new crewmembers Kjell Lindgren (NASA), Oleg Kononenko (Roscosmos) and Kimiya Yui (JAXA) will join the current crew to become the Expedition 44.


An hour after launch, controllers in Moscow admitted there was an issue with the plane 4 (Port) array on the Soyuz vehicle. It appeared the array did not deply as planned, the fourth such occurrence in Soyuz history, the most recent being the Soyuz TMA-14M mission, which resulted in the array deploying after docking.

Soyuz aimed for a docking with the station’s Rassvet module. The following pictures are from NASA TV that shows the station from underneath approaching the docking target on Rassvet module.







Docking successful! The port solar array did deploy after docking.


Current Russian segment configuration

Source:, NASA TV


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