Falcon 9 v1.1 TurkmenAlem/MonacoSAT logo and paper model (AXM version)

The Falcon 9 v1.1 Commercial version is part of my SpaceX papermodel collection at my website as you all know. One of the distinctive features on all these missions is the fairing logos that attracts me so much, and that is the reason why I started designing these Falcon 9 models.

At the time of this post I have managed to design every single Falcon 9 v1.1 commercial rocket including the latest mission, the TurkmenAlem/MonacoSAT which was launched on April 27, 2015 from Cape Canaveral.
The difference with this model was the difficulty in finding the fairing logo or banner online. After unsuccessfull attempts, this model became a real challenge for me.
I started researching about the companies and countries involved and looking for the logo using Google search. Then I found this photo from www.spaceflighinsider.com that shows the fairing logo in almost great detail. Unfortunately, the angle at which this photo was taken does not show the details of the golden coin image at the very right of the banner. But there are some details that can be easily identified.


The left side of the banner clearly shows the Turkmenistan Coat of Arms. Then the logos for Thales Alenia and the SSI (Space Systems International MONACO) were found as well. I used Adobe Illustrator to put together all these elements.
But the real challenge was making the golden coin that shows the satellite. When fully zoomed, the photo of the fairing shows some elements clearly identifiable such as the golden laurel, the continents and the satellite. I used clipart to reconstruct these elements.
The contour of the satellite was obtained from the SSI website, that shows an artistic image of the satellite in that same angle.
But the upper part of the golden coin image shows what appears to be some elements from the Turkmenistan Coat of Arms and some words that cannot be read at this resolution. So I left this up to my creativity to finish the logo.
Maybe someone might find the original logo or might have a better photo that will show in greater detail the missing elements of the golden coin, and I will appreciate letting me know.

Anyway, I am satisfied of how this logo came out for my Falcon 9 paper model.
Here are some pictures of the banner elements drawn in Illustrator.





And here is the final model of my Falcon 9 v1.1 for this mission depicting the fairing logo. Please send your comments.


UPDATE (May 8, 2015)

I am pleased to announce that Dr IIhami AYGUN, President and CEO of SSI-Monaco, provided me the original fairing logo of the TurkmenAlem/MonacoSAT via Twitter.


Looking at the logo, I was very close on the details.
Thank you very much Dr AYGUN.

And this is what I found after searching for “Milli Kosmos Agentligi” which is the legend in the coin. I found this Russian website about Coins of the World (translated):

Two coins of 50 manats in honor of the first Turkmen satellite launched in late April. April 28, from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral, the launch of the first Turkmen communications satellite «TürkmenÄlem 52 ° E». The need to have a system of satellite communication is dictated by the country’s rapidly growing economy. The spacecraft established French company «Thales Alenia Space». Through satellite launched Turkmenistan received a completely telecommunication systems, and it is – a quality, high-speed Internet, digital broadcasting, the modern telephony, VSAT network, etc. Such a significant event immortalized on commemorative coins in gold and silver. Manufacturer – British Royal Mint. The obverse: in the center of the coat of arms of the state. Along collar embossed name of the legal entity of the issuer – «TÜRKMENISTANYŇ MERKEZI BANKY», the weight of the product – «39,94 gr.» (Or «28,28 gr.» On the silver coin), the metal / sample – «Au 916,7» ( or «Ag 925″), par – «ELLI MANAT» («50 AZN”). Part of the legend delimited stylized sun. Reverse: world map with clear outlines of Turkmenistan, under which the stamped name of the satellite – «TürkmenÄlem 52 ° E». Above the map engraved image communication apparatus and radio waves coming towards the state. At the top of a metal mug embossed name of the space agency – «MILLI KOSMOS AGENTLIGI». Along the border placed at the top of the national carpet gels, at the bottom – the olive branch. Also by means of payment scattered stars.


Once again my thanks goes to Dr AYGUN.


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