Expedition 42 US EVA-31

This is the third and final EVA to prepare the ISS for future commercial visiting vehicles.
Main task is the installation of the Common Communications for Visiting Vehicles antennas (C2V2) and Cable routing to the antennas.
The C2V2 booms and antennas were brought to the ISS aboard Dragon CRS-5.

Astronauts Barry Willmore (EV2) and Terry Virts (EV1) are the space walkers for this final EVA that took place on March 1, 2015. The C2V2 system consists of 2 booms with 4 antennas and 3 specialized reflectors that will require 400 feet of cable that will be routed from the center of the station structure out to the 2 booms.

imageVirts prepares his way through the back of the station heading to P3 truss on the Port side of the station.

imageVirts will install the longer C2V2 boom on a WIF (worksite interface) on the aft zenith section of the P3 truss (red circle).





“Butch” Willmore is now heading to the Starboard side of the station to the S3 truss where he’ll install the shorter C2V2 boom.

imageRed circle shows the WIF on the front zenith section of S3 where the smaller boom will be installed.





After both booms were installed, the astronauts proceeded to connect cables to the booms with the antennas. Afterwards, they installed the reflectors on both booms. This concluded US EVA-31.

Here are more views of the C2V2 antennas

imageP3 boom installed

imageAnother view of P3 boom

imageS3 boom installed

imageAnother view of S3 boom

Closeup photos of Antennas






Download files:
C2V2 The C2V2 system in 1:100 scale

Source: Nasaspaceflight.com


2 responses to “Expedition 42 US EVA-31

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  2. I can’t wait to see people blasting off from Cape Kennedy again, even if it’s not on a government vehicle.

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