Expedition 42 US EVA-30

This is the second of 3 EVAs planned to prepare the ISS for future commercial visiting vehicles. The first EVA-29 took place on Feb 21, 2015.

The main tasks for this EVA:
-PMA2 cover removal
-Lubrication of the Latching End Effector (LEE) of the Canadarm2
-Preparing the forward and aft ports of Node 3 for future installation of PMM and BEAM, respectively.

EVA-30 took place on Feb 25, 2015. Astronauts Barry “Butch” Willmore (EV1) and Terry Virts (EV2) were the space walkers.

The first task involved the removal of a soft debris cover that has been protecting the PMA2’s docking mechanism since 2013, in order to clear the way for the installation of IDA-1 later this year.


imageCover removed from PMA2

Now the second task to lubricate the Canadarm2 is next.

imageAstronaut Terry Virts preparing to lubricate the LEE


Now third task to prepare Node 3.

imageAstronaut Barry Willmore is getting tools from the Z1 truss toolbox before heading to Node3 to prepare the forward port.

imageLaunch locks were removed from the four petals on the forward port of Node 3. The petals are needed to be opened to allow for the installation of the PMM.

imageSame procedure took place on the aft port of Node 3 removing the launch locks to open the petals in order to get the port ready for future installation of BEAM.

Next is the third and final EVA-31.

Source: NasaSpaceflight.com


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