Expedition 42 US EVA-29

This is the first of three EVA’s planned for Expedition 42 timeline, EVA’s to configure the PMA-2 to prepare it for future Commercial Space Vehicles. The first one is EVA-29 performed on Feb 21, 2015 by US Astronauts Barry Wilmore (EV-1) and Terry Virts (EV-2). They plan to install more than 760 feet of power and data cables needed for new docking mechanisms that will be used by new commercial crew vehicles being built by Boeing and SpaceX.

The photos shown on this post are from my ISS papermodel in 1:100 scale showing the EVA steps for this first EVA.


The next photos show the translation path for astronaut Barry “Butch” Wilmore that will take him from the US Quest Airlock, climbing the Airlock Spur towards the handrails of the US truss and to Destiny laboratory where he will continue towards Harmony Node 2 module and to his work station next to PMA-2 on the port side.




Terry Virts is next exiting the Quest Airlock and translating through the perimeter of ESP-2 towards Destiny module on the starboard side continuing to Harmony Node 2 module and finally to his work station on the starboard side next to PMA-2.



Next is the removal of Harmony’s front cone shields to reconfigue and install power and data cables to PMA-2 to prepare it for the new IDA docking mechanisms (International Docking Adapters) to be installed this summer.



Finally, both EVA crew members will route cables to PMA-2.


Next EVA-30 is planned for next week.



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