ISS configuration post ATV-5

After a successful SpaceX mission, the Dragon CRS-5 departed from the ISS on Feb 10, 2015 wrapping up a 29 day stay at the International Space Station. The Dragon capsule departed with nearly 3700 pounds of research specimens, a balky spacesuit and experimental 3d printed parts before reentering the atmosphere and splashing down in the Pacific Ocean.


This photo shows the current vehicles attached to the Russian segment of the ISS.


Then on Feb 14, 2015, the ATV-5 “Georges Lemaitre” departed the ISS after a 6 month stay, becoming the last final flight of the ATV European cargo vessel.
The ATV-5 detached from the Zvezda service module, and leaving the aft port available for a new Progress vehicle to be arriving in a few more weeks.



This is the current configuration of the ISS after the departure of Dragon and ATV-5.




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