MMS 1:16 scale card model

The MMS or Magnetospheric Multiscale Spacecraft card model project, was a joint venture between my site AXM Paper Space Scale Models and Goddard Space Flight Center. The team at Goddard and specially Troy D. Cline who is the Senior Technology Integration Specialist in the Public Outreach program for NASA, contacted me to join this project in designing an accurate scale model representation of the MMS. The MMS Mission is a combination of 4 MMS spacecrafts in a stack configuration and are planned to be launched on an Atlas V 400 series rocket next March 2015 from Cape Canaveral.
A 1:16 scale model was planned and spacecraft information was provided in order to start the design.

The MMS model was designed exclusively using Adobe Illustrator CS3 software on a Windows 7 system and an iPad mini using the vector graphic app “iDraw” now called “Graphic”.
All the Assembly instruction manuals were done on an iPad mini using “Pages” and “WPS Office”, and converted to pdf using “PDF Provider” and “PDFOptim” apps.

This is a model that I have enjoyed designing and through the process, I have learned a lot about the technical engineering involved and the intrumentation on board the spacecraft.
The MMS card model is available for free download at Goddard’s MMS site along with a 1:96 scale model of the Atlas V configured for this mission.

Close up photos of the MMS model:




The Orbital Debri Panels are shown here after the removal of the top cover.


The Propulsion tanks are shown after the removal of the Debri panels.


The Upper deck is being removed to show the instrumentation inside the MMS craft.



Here is the interior of the MMS spacecraft showing the instruments on the Spacecraft Deck or also called Lower Deck.(the Star Sensors were not glued at the time of this photo)


This is a view of the Instrument Deck or Upper Deck.


The underside of the MMS.


Removal of the lower Debri panels.



Learn more about the MMS spacecraft at the Goddard Space Flight Center webpage:

See my next post about the MMS stack with new photos!


7 responses to “MMS 1:16 scale card model

  1. Wow, Alfonso, That is actually a really great model with lots of details. I like it a lot. Great you were asked by GSC to create this model. Congratulations!
    I’ll get this one high up my to-do list. Always great to build an AXM model.

  2. This is THE SURFDUKE! I will be at the Falcon liftoff @ 3am outside the air force main gate Saturday Morning. Let folks know if you can. I am not in contact with my old fans, but I know you are. Would love to meet you or any of them in the morning.

    William, (Surfduke), Hewlett!

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