LIVE! CRS-3 payloads installation – Part 2

This was a LIVE blog about the installation of the OPALS payload via DEXTRE. The photos were obtained from NASA JPL LIVE website. Here is the new link.

After the successful installation of HDEV by DEXTRE on 4/30/14, the robotics operation by DEXTRE will continue today with the temporary installation of the OPALS payload on DEXTRE’s EOTP. Then on Monday the 5th, the final installation on ELC-1 will take place.


This is the ELC-1 papermodel showing plate No.8 which will be occupied by OPALS. The ELC-1 pallet is located on the nadir side of the Port Truss.


Here DEXTRE is ready to remove the OPALS payload from the trunk.

This is a representation of the same event with the papermodel.


Waiting for robotics operation to start at 13:30 pm ET.

The live video is back under a new link. See above.

Here’s a look at the interior of the trunk showing the OPALS payload ready to be removed.


OPALS in the process of being removed from the trunk.


Today’s task involves removing OPALS and to temporarily install it on DEXTRE EOTP (Enhanced ORU Temporary Platform).
Final installation of OPALS on ELC-1 pallet is due Monday the 5th. (Source:

Another view of OPALS inside the trunk.


OPALS Official website

Unfortunately, the stream has ceased from transmitting. No further information regarding OPALS installation is available until later in the day.
Stay tuned.

UPDATE: 5/2/14
Due to fine measurements needed to remove the OPALS payload from the trunk, the robotics operation has been put on hold temporarily.
This LIVE blog will resume at a later date soon.


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