Atlas V “MAVEN” Mission to Mars

And here is the Atlas V MAVEN ( Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) that was launched last Nov 2013. The Atlas V used for this mission was a 400 Series without Solid Rocket boosters.



The paper model is available for download at my site.


3 responses to “Atlas V “MAVEN” Mission to Mars

  1. Hi Alfonso!
    Great job on all the detailed shrouds. They look very good indeed.
    You are turning them out like sausages, aren’t you? (-;
    Any chance of releasing an 1/96th version of them? I am looking forward to a couple of good proportioned SRM’s for the Atlas V I have.

    • Hi PaperKosmonaut. Nice to see you here. Although I promised a 1:96 version of the Atlas V long ago, it’s not finished yet. It’s in the works and it will be released for sure.

  2. Great to hear, Alfonso. Take your time, I am not in a hurry. Lots of things get better as they have simmered a while.
    At the moment I am working on the Planck and Herschel space telescope models by John Jogerst and I think up next might be one of your shuttles – in 1/400 again. (planning to do them all of course)

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